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Museum Passes

Discover & Go provides access to museum passes that can be printed online.

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Each Discover & Go pass expires immediately after the reservation date; no returns required and no possibility for overdue fines. Library users can make reservations online by date or by venue and print out a pass from home or in person at any Sacramento Public Library.

Important Things To Know:

  • You must have a valid Sacramento Public Library card.
  • You must live in the Sacramento Public Library service area (Sacramento County).
  • You must be at least 16 years old.
  • You may have up to 2 reservations at a time.
  • You may cancel a reservation only if you have not already printed the admission pass.
  • The pass is for use only by the person named and only on the date specified. No photocopies are allowed. Valid ID is required.
  • The availability of passes varies from day to day. If a museum is unavailable on the day you originally chose, try another date.
  • The person making the reservation must be physically present and in possession of the printed pass and a photo ID when entering the museum or attraction.

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Discover & Go Frequently Asked Questions


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I cannot see passes for more than two months out. When are passes made available for the next month?
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