Sacramento Public Library

Online Learning


Testing & Education Reference Center

Prepare for certification and career tests with on-demand courses, including ASE Automotive, Cosmetology, NCLEX, Medical Assisting, and more.



Computer Courses
Take on-demand courses for computer software, including Microsoft Office, Windows, Adobe Photoshop, Mac OS, and more.


Homework Help Now
Get live help with your homework from a tutor.

In-Person Classes

Technology Instruction
Check our Events calendar for computer classes and one-on-one help sessions.

Visit our Research page for more online library resources.

Language Learning

Rosetta Stone
Interactive language learning for 30 world languages, plus ESL (aprenda inglés). A mobile app and instructions for the app are also available.

Driver's education resources
Free practice tests for the California DMV permit test, driver’s license test and senior citizens’ refresher test.
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