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Readalikes for Fans of Beautiful Creatures


    Chime - Franny Billingsley

    In the early twentieth century in Swampsea, seventeen-year-old Briony, who can see the spirits that haunt the marshes around their town, feels responsible for her twin sister's horrible injury until a young man enters their lives and exposes secrets that even Briony does not know about.

    TEEN FICTION Billingsley, F.
    The Diviners

    The Diviners - Libba Bray

    Evie O'Neill is thrilled when she is exiled from small-town Ohio to New York City in 1926, even when a rash of occult-based murders thrusts Evie and her uncle, curator of The Museum of American Folklore, Superstition, and the Occult, into the thick of the investigation.

    Texas Gothic

    Texas Gothic - Rosemary Clement-Moore

    Amy Goodnight has long been the one who makes her family of witches seem somewhat normal to others, but while spending a summer with her sister caring for their aunt's farm, Amy becomes the center of weirdness when she becomes tied to a powerful ghost.

    TEEN FICTION Clement-Moore, R.

    Tides - Betsy Cornwell

    After moving to the Isles of Shoals for a marine biology internship, eighteen-year-old Noah learns of his grandmother's romance with a selkie woman, falls for the selkie's daughter, and must work with her to rescue her siblings from his mentor's cruel experiments.

    TEEN FICTION Cornwell, B.
    The Magnolia League

    The Magnolia League - Katie Crouch

    After the death of her free-spirited mother, sixteen-year-old Alexandra Lee is forced to move from Northern California to Savannah, Georgia, to live with her wealthy grandmother. Her grandmother expects Alex to join a long-standing debutante society, which, Alex learns, has made a pact with a legendary Hoodoo family.

    TEEN FICTION Crouch, K.

    Hereafter - Tara Hudson

    Amelia, long a ghost, forms a strong bond with eighteen-year-old Joshua, who nearly drowned where she did and who awakens in her long-forgotten senses and memories even as Eli, a spirit, tries to draw her away.

    TEEN FICTION Hudson, T.
    Claire de Lune

    Claire de Lune - Christine Johnson

    On her sixteenth birthday Claire discovers strange things happening and when her mother reveals their family secret which explains the changes, Claire feels her world, as she has known it to be, slowly slipping away.

    TEEN FICTION Johnson, C.
    The Name of the Star

    The Name of the Star - Maureen Johnson

    Rory, of Beaulieu, Louisiana, is spending a year at a London boarding school when she witnesses a murder by a Jack the Ripper copycat and becomes involved with the very unusual investigation.

    TEEN FICTION Johnson, M.

    Fallen - Lauren Kate

    Suspected in the death of her boyfriend, seventeen-year-old Luce is sent to a Savannah, Georgia, reform school where she meets two intriguing boys and learns the truth about the strange shadows that have always haunted her.


    Swoon - Nina Malkin

    In rural Connecticut, when seventeen-year-old Dice tries to exorcise a seventeenth-century man who is possessing her cousin Pen, she inadvertently makes him corporeal--and irresistible.

    TEEN FICTION Malkin, N.

    Fated - Alyson Noel

    When she begins having strange experiences, Daire discovers her identity as a Soul Seeker who is capable of traveling between the worlds of the living and the dead and meets a gorgeous dream boy whose evil brother wants to steal her powers.

    White Crow

    White Crow - Marcus Sedgwick

    Sixteen-year-old Rebecca moves with her father from London to a small, seaside village, where she befriends another motherless girl and they spend the summer together exploring the village's sinister history.

    TEEN FICTION Sedgwick, M.
    The Raven Boys

    The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater

    Blue Sargent, the daughter of the town psychic in Henrietta, Virginia, has been told for as long as she can remember that if she ever kisses her true love, he will die. But she is too practical to believe in things like true love. Her policy is to stay away from the rich boys at the prestigious Aglionby Academy. The boys there--known as Raven Boys--can only mean trouble.

    TEEN FICTION Stiefvater, M.
    Lips Touch Three Times

    Lips Touch Three Times - Laini Taylor

    Three short romantic stories with a touch of the paranormal: Goblin fruit -- Spicy little curses such as these -- Hatchling

    TEEN FICTION Taylor, L.
    Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

    Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - April Tucholke

    Violet is in love with River, a mysterious seventeen-year-old stranger renting the guest house behind the rotting seaside mansion where Violet lives, but when eerie, grim events begin to happen, Violet recalls her grandmother's frequent warnings about the devil and wonders if River is evil.

    TEEN FICTION Tucholke, A.
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