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April 2016

    Lady Midnight

    Lady Midnight - Cassandra Clare

    Lady Midnight is a GREAT book. I have just finished it and it's amazing. It takes place five years after the Dark War. The Dark War took place in the last of the Mortal Instruments series. It corresponds with the Mortal Instruments in that kind of sense, and includes characters from the series, as well. It has main characters Emma and Julian. They are part of the Blackthorn Family. Emma is Julian's parabatai. She is an adopted member of the family (more or less). They try and find out the main person involved in a series of murders that have been committed in L.A. This book is full of action, friendship, romance, and betrayal. This would be a great book for anyone who enjoyed the Mortal Instruments series or any of the Cassandra Clare books. I would recommend this book for anyone between the ages 14-21. Let me know whatever you think of this book. It was great and this is my first book review on the site. 😊

    - Arielle, 14
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