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August 2015

    Animal Farm

    Animal Farm - George Orwell

    The Manor Farm is an ordinary English farm on an ordinary English countryside. The owner is neglectful, but the animals don't revolt for fear of the lash. Then, one night, the oldest boar on the farm, a prize pig named Old Major, calls all of the animals together for a meeting, and talks about a dream he has had. A dream of animals rising up against their masters, and taking the farms for themselves. The animals of the Manor Farm are inspired by Old Major, and decide to rise up against the owner, with tragically ironic results as the uprising continues. Animal Farm is by far my favorite classic, one that teaches the reader about false promises and the will to follow. I recommend it to anyone who will read it, and give some of my highest praise to George Orwell.

    - Perrie, 12
    Thirteen Reasons Why

    Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher

    This book is mostly sad, but at times so funny you have to laugh. It is very inspiring and interesting. I could not get away from the book. I was reading it 24/7.

    - Michelle, 12
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