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December 2013

    The Mark of Athena

    The Mark of Athena - Rick Riordan

    Amazing. You cant beat it. Move over, Wimpy Kid, we've got a new bestseller.

    - Tyler, 11
    What's Left of Me

    What's Left of Me - Kat Zhang

    This book was truly a good book. I seriously recommend it. I couldnt stop reading. I wish it just went on and didn't end.

    - Ciarra, 17
    Shadow and Bone

    Shadow and Bone - Leigh Bardugo

    This was one of my most favorite books ever! I was sad when I finished it because now I don't have a book to read. I'm still trying to find the second one! BEST. BOOK. EVER.

    - Abigail, 11

    Cardboard - Doug TenNapel

    I really don't like to read, but I thought this book was fantastic.

    - Jon, 12
    The Sign of the Beaver

    The Sign of the Beaver - Elizabeth George Speare

    Underrated. This is a very good book with a good plot and a good ending.

    - Jack, 11
    Elephant Run

    Elephant Run - Roland Smith

    It was very good, fast-paced and exciting.

    - Ian, 12
    The Menagerie

    The Menagerie - Tui T. and Kari Sutherland

    This was a great book. I enjoyed how fantastical it was and the hilarious names of the griffin (Yump lol).

    - Grace, 11
    Soul Surfer

    Soul Surfer - Bethany Hamilton

    This book is so inspiring! I love how she stays faithful. It inspires me to accomplish and be what I really want to be in life! Love this book so much...

    - Giuliana, 11
    The False Prince

    The False Prince - Jennifer A. Nielsen

    This is the best book I've ever read! Definitely recommended if you like violence, suspense, and mystery.

    - Dominic, 13
    Foul Trouble

    Foul Trouble - John Feinstein

    In Foul Trouble, Terrell plays basketball for the sport, not for people to notice him. There’s nothing not to like – this entire book is great!

    - Joyce, 16

    Leviathan - Scott Westerfeld

    The first sci-fi book that I have read in a long time, and a great one. A good way to learn a little about World War I, too. I actually read it while walking up the stairs to the 3rd floor of my school!

    - Christine, 13
    Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

    Where the Mountain Meets the Moon - Grace Lin

    A cute story that takes place in Asia. It's more of a children's chapter book but it's great for relaxed reading.

    - Christine, 13
    Shadow and Bone

    Shadow and Bone - Leigh Bardugo

    I can't believe I read this in three days. A definite must-read for fans of books with adventure, magic, and a splash of romance. Shadow and Bone has a plot twist that I would have never thought of.

    - Christine, 13
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