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February 2018


    Wonder - R. J, Palacio

    This book was filled with empowering happiness. I'm sure most of you already know what it's about because there is a major motion picture to this book. It's amazing!!! You have got to check this book out; it's just overall fascinating.

    -A, 14
    Reborn! Before the Showdown

    Reborn! Before the Showdown - Akira Amano

    SPOILER ALERT: In the eleventh volume, it starts off showing an unknown group of people addressing Xanxus, The boss of Varia. The story then directly shows the current ability of the Vongola members after their training. Tsuna returns home to discover that Varia is currently invading Namimori and his father is well aware of their existence being Basil's boss. As Levi and his squadron along with an infant in a cloak, are searching for the half rings that each of the guardians possess, it is revealed that Lambo is the guardian of the lightning ring. One of the squadron members find Lambo as he is accompanied by Futa and Ipin and proceeds to attack them, only to be stopped by Ryohei and the rest of the guardians. The Vongola family members and the Varia members are now all gathered. Xanxus attempts to kill all of them but is stopped by Iemistu's interference. Iemistu presents a documents from the 9th boss along with an explanation of why the Vongola rings were split between the two parties. With the conflicting opinions of the 9th and Iemitsu, it has been decided that the true ownership of the rings shall be decided in a battle between Tsuna's guardians and Varia which will be proctored by the newly introduced group, the Cervello. The day after the guardians return to school like usual, Ryohei confronts Tsuna about keeping the knowledge of him fighting a secret from his sister. The first battle is then announced to be between the guardians of the sun. Lussuria and Ryohei both enter the caged ring as we are shown Lussuria's character. As the battle begins, Lussuria's strength is shown as he injures Ryohei's left arm and copies Ryohei's actions of punching salt to shatter glass. Lussuria injuring his right hand along with his sister appearing leads to him finishing Lussuria off with a Maximum Cannon, breaking Lussuria's knee plate and winning the match. As Lussuria struggles to continue despite his obvious loss, he is then finished off by Gola Mosca. It is then shown that weak members of Varia are killed to maintain Varia's elite reputation. The next battle for the rings is between the guardians of lightning, Leviathan and Lambo. The stadium for the fight on the school roof is shown to be equipped with Lighting rods connected to wires across the floor that could kill any normal human. As the fight begins, Lambo plays around with the rods and wires thinking its a play structure and ends up being electrocuted, only to end up with no true damage delt. Lambo's immunity to lightning is then revealed making him a perfect guardian for the ring of lightning. Lambo then suffers Levian's barrage of attacks only to cry and enter the 10 year bazooka. 10 years older Lambo appears acting calm, collected, and ready to fight, only to be beaten by Levi. He once again flees to the bazooka and turns into 20 years older Lambo. Lambo seems to be many times stronger as he easily overtakes Levi. When he is about to finish Levi off, 5 minutes have past and regular Lambo returns, revealing that the 2nd shot is still following the same time limit of the first shot. As Levi attempts to finish off Lambo, the rods fall into Levi's way and it is shown that Tsuna burned them to cause them to fall. This volume begins the exciting and suspenseful battles for the rings and changes from a slice of life period to an arc filled with action and plot.

    -Gabriel, 15
    The Sun is Also a Star

    The Sun is Also a Star - Nicola Yoon

    This book was absolutely amazing. It has a lot to do with culture. This Korean high school senior and this Jamaican High school senior girl fall in love. Well, the Korean guy does at first. Through the whole day they talk and end up falling in love. But, the Jamaican girl named Natasha doesn't tell him that she was going to be deported because of illegal immigration that very same day. She eventually ends up saying good bye to Daniel (Korean guy). Ten years later, they meet on a plan. The ending isn't very clear but I imagine Daniel and Natasha falling in love all over again and getting married. This book is told from both Daniel's and Natasha's point of view. It's great - 5/5 stars.

    -A, 14

    Starstruck - Lauren Conrad

    This book is from a third person point of view. It shows all sides of celebrity life and what they are doing. One girl named Madison, gets "caught" for stealing a necklace even though she took the fall for her father, Charlie, who is a liar and a thief. This story talks about so many different people and is kinda of interesting to see what celeb life is like.

    -A, 14
    Urban Outlaws

    Urban Outlaws - Peter Jay Black

    This book was absolutely adventurous! If you understand how computers work, you would probably like this. I did! It's basically about these five orphans who live in a bunker from World War 2. They escaped the children's home in London from the help of their friend Noble. Then they discover this super computer that can steal documents from foreign governments in nanoseconds. But there is a problem with the computer: it has a virus. THE ENDING WAS TERRIBLE. WHY? Read this! You won't regret it!

    -A, 14
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