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January 2015


    Cress - Marissa Meyer

    I love this seiries. I can't get enough of the fairytale/ Star Wars combo. Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, and Rapunzel show their true fierceness, and the beauty of being a single powerful female who can change the turn of events with just a single outburst. I love the whole stand-up-for-yourself aura it gives off. MUST. READ. MORE.

    - Lila, 16
    Ruby Red

    Ruby Red - Kerstin Gier

    This Trilogy is amazing. It was recommended to me by my older sister (who is in her twenties) and I didn't think I would like it as much as I did. I'm a major sci-fi girl (most of the time I read my brother's books) but this book (and the two others) really grabbed my attention. It had just enough time travel, romance, and mystery/suspense. I think the writer did a really good job of being descriptive. Definitely a book I recommend reading.

    - Abigail, 14
    Oh. My. Gods.

    Oh. My. Gods. - Tera Lynn Childs

    This book was sooo good. It combines mythology with the real world, a bit like Percy Jackson. Phoebola, Phoebe's mom, goes to a family reunion in Greece only to return a week later with a new husband to be, and announces that she and Phoebe will be moving to Serfopoula, a small island in Greece. Phoebe cannot believe that her mother is willing to move to Greece with a stranger that she met a week ago and leave everything behind. Phoebe has to learn to survive at her new high school, and there's a catch to that, too. Everyone at school is the descendant of a god. Phoebe is the only non-demigod there, and everyone knows it.

    - Perrie, 11
    Dorothy Must Die

    Dorothy Must Die - Danielle Paige

    What a beautiful way to ignite my passionate dislike of the story of Oz and my stern dislike of the new side of Dorothy. This was a wonderful deep dark book, and was easy to read. I particularly loved the characters, and just like the magic of Oz, their constant changing and shaping throughout the twisted tale of what happens after the movie. The evil behind those ruby shoes and the one who wears them. This story made everything I knew as a child seem wrong and warped. I easily fell in love with the story, and the detail, and just like Dorothy, the heroine is from Kansas. I want the next book. PLEASE?

    - Lila, 16
    Deadly Cool

    Deadly Cool - Gemma Halliday

    This is an awesome book that I could not stop reading, and that is one reason why I finished it in only like two days. I love it. It is a great mystery book. It had me on the edge and very excited. Hope you read it and enjoy it!

    - Jewel, 13
    I am Malala

    I am Malala - Malala Yousafzai with Christina Lamb

    I absolutely loved this book! Malala tells the story of her father and grandfather, as well as herself. She captures the hate that the Taliban carry, and the thirst for education that is something the terrorists cannot take away from the Pakistanl girls. 5/5. I usually do not read nonfiction, but this book was amazing.

    - Perrie, 11
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