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January 2018


    Crash - Eve Silver

    This book had such an interesting ending. SPOILER ALERT----------------If you have read the other two books you would know that the Committee controls the game. But in this book, Miki Jones discovers that the Committee created the game just for their entertainment and the Daru aren't the enemies. The Committee created the game just for their entertainment. In the end the game is destroyed but the Committee said they will return. But Jackson Tate's not-so-dead sister, Lizzie said she will follow them and stop them if they ever try to create another game like that. The Committee risked so many of the kids lives and of those who died just because they wanted some entertainment. Wow!! Shocking! I can't believe somebody would be that cruel. Anyway I totally recommend this trilogy because I enjoyed it. And who knows, maybe you will too.

    -A, 14
    A Study in Charlotte

    A Study in Charlotte - Brittany Cavallaro

    This is a great book involving mystery and murder. Would recommend for any Sherlock Holmes mystery book lovers.

    -Jess, 16
    Reborn!: Before the Showdown

    Reborn!: Before the Showdown - Akira Amano

    In volume 11, Tsuna's family members finally meet the Varia members and a battle for succession begins. This volume will give insight into the strength of the assassination squad.

    -Gabriel, 15
    The Fixer

    The Fixer - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

    It was a great book; really captivating and fun to read.

    -Jessica, 16

    Push - Eve Silver

    This book was AMAZING!!!!!! This book was packed with action and romance. It was something that was worth reading for me. Maybe it will be for you.

    -A, 14
    To Kill a Mockingbird

    To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee

    I have read this book before and might I begin by saying how fascinating it is. Harper Lee is an amazing writer. If you take a closer look, you will realize that the book has some relations to her life. Scout was always different, just like Harper Lee herself.

    -A, 14
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