Sacramento Public Library

March 2015


    Crash - Jerry Spinelli

    Crash was a great novel, depicting the life of a middle school football player, John (crash) Coogan. He seems like kind of a jerk at first, but then you realize why he acts like one later on in the book. His life changes. His grandfather moves in, he makes and loses friends, and he figures out that sometimes, life isn't a touchdown. Even though this novel is very short, I would recommend it to prolific readers.

    - Perrie, 11
    River Secrets

    River Secrets - Shannon Hale

    I love this book! The characters make me cry sometimes, yet Razo is so hilarious I cannot help laughing with him. Razo is such a surprising character, yet he changes throughout the book into quite an accomplished person. Five-star book. Great job, Mrs. Hale!

    - Alice, 17
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