Sacramento Public Library

October 2012

    The Compound

    The Compound - S. A. Bodeen

    The Compound is a great read for all teens. In some parts, I could not put the book down.
    This book was about a rich family that moves into a compound when a nuclear war breaks out.  The family is in such a rush to get to their compound that they leave behind Eli's twin brother and his grandmother. The family has to struggle through loneliness and food shortage during the 6 years that there was supposedly a nuclear war going on outside. When Eli somehow finds out that what his dad has been telling him and his family is not all true, Can Eli get his family out of the compound before it's too late? - Sophia, 12
    The Odyssey

    The Odyssey - Homer

    The Odyssey is a book about a Greek hero who went through a lot to get to his wife and his son. After a battle, Odysseus made his way to his kingdom, but the sea had other plans. So did the sun god and the cyclops. But through all this trouble, Odysseus had a gift from the goddess Athena: a quick mind. This book shows how a father and husband will not be keept away from his family. - Jon
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