Sacramento Public Library

September 2014

    The Enemy

    The Enemy - Charlie Higson

    This book is a great book, but I wish ***SPOILER REMOVED*** because it kinda ended it. But the twisted mind Charlie H. has is so funny. I mean, how could he make all grown-ups zombies... crazy. This is a great book to start off a series, but don't read this book and not read the next. You will die of anticipation.

    - Iliana, 12
    Cuts Like a Knife

    Cuts Like a Knife - Darlene Ryan

    I thought the book was good. It was kind of sad, but it was still good.

    - April, 15
    The Scorch Trials

    The Scorch Trials - James Dashner

    The plot got me really frustrated and I hated the Creators. Moving forward with the plot, I got upset with Aris and Teresa.

    - Kelly, 13
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