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Off the Page | Sherine

Your story. Off the page.
"I moved to California when I was 14 years old with my 3-month-old daughter to live with my aunt. I was eventually put out and lived with another minor who was pregnant. I was very overwhelmed at the time.

I tried to get my GED but didn't like it. It wasn't informative or thought-provoking. I felt like they taught you just enough to pass the test. 

I found the Library's Career Online High School program through Google. I took the assessment test and found out that I was in. You can go at your own pace and the staff is so motivating. Their emails — there was one with dancing cats — would just make my day. 

It has opened my brain so wide. Now, I have a need to learn something new. I've gained discipline. I'm in my third class at the University of Phoenix — two As and one B. In five years, I hope to have an MBA in business marketing."

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