Sacramento Public Library

Sacramento Public Library Presents

Sacramento Public Library Presents is a cultural series featuring authors and the performing arts, aimed at community engagement through exposure and discussion.


Caitlin Doughty, From Here to Eternity: Traveling the World to Find the Good Death
Expand your sense of what it means to treat the dead with 'dignity'. From Here To Eternity is an immersive global journey that introduces compelling, powerful rituals almost entirely unknown in America.
October 4, Wednesday, 6 p.m. - Central Library

Nate Pedersen, Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything
Delve into some of the wacky but true ways that humans have looked to cure their ills. Quackery is a compelling, morbidly humorous look at medicine’s dark side.
October 18, Wednesday, 6 p.m. - Central Library


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