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Summer Reading wall of wins


“I am helping my grandson with is reading so that he doesn’t experience the summer drop that is so common in school. Most days, for one hour, we read, spell, write and play games. I’ve designed the games to fit his reading level and to take him up to the next level. We call it “Nona’s Reading Club.” — Ruth B
Nona and her grandson during Nona’s Reading Club

“Summer Reading has been fun because I went to the library for storytime, but instead got to see a magic show. It was a real magician! It was so much fun! By trying to get points for activities I also learned how to make soda! The science book had all kinds of cool experiments, but I really love soda. I am reading more now and it is getting easier to read. I even read books to my baby brother.” — Liliana, five-year-old scientist
Liliana reads a new book

“What I really like is having everybody read to me. Laura, Ayrton, Mama and Daddy have read to me.” — Sarah O, 6-year-old reader
“{Summer Reading} has been fun and motivating for me. I've gotten to know what other people's lives have been like, and history and science. I have been to science shows, a magic show and the Bubble Lady.”  — Ayrton O, 9-year-old reader
“I like {Summer Reading} because I like prizes and the programs. It gives me the urge to read.” — Laura O, 11-yeard-old reader

Ayrton, Laura and Sarah reading with their dad

“Me and my mom and Bubby read lots of books. It’s fun to read to them and it’s fun when Mommy reads too. I like the cool stuff we do at the Library in the summer and the prizes I get for just doing fun stuff and reading fun books.” — Jayla S, 7-year-old reader

“My six-year-old just finished her first year of kindergarten and was starting to do more silent reading at home. Two weeks into summer and she has already earned her Summer Reading medal. I’m very proud of her and we appreciate all of the hard work you do to get these kids reading.” — Stacey M
Stacey’s daughter showing off her medal

“I really like the Whatever After books. My favorite part is that … you get to see them go into different stories. I like how when {the characters} are in a fairytale you use your imagination since there aren’t pictures. Your dreams can run wild. I like to talk to my parents about how I imagine people look or {how} the kingdoms are. Chapter books are the best!” — Cleo B, six-year-old reader

“The Summer Reading program is absolutely awesome. Both Aleena, six years old, and Francisco, four years old, are beginning readers, so I have to read them the story. I read about eight stories every night. It's awesome how excited they get every time we're at the Library.” — Bibiana V
Aleena and Francisco celebrating the joy of Summer Reading

“Daddy and me started Summer Reading by joining the traditional African folk music {event}. At the kickoff, we played with drums and shakers, we danced, and we sang. Then we read a lot of books. I thought I was going to earn a medal just like Hercules, which my soccer coach told me is a gift from the gods.” — Siena S, four-year-old reader
Siena receives her medal

“The story I read was called Roald Dahl Matilda. Matilda’s parents did not care about Matilda and she is bored all the time until one day she {goes} to the Library and started to love books.” — Dilly S, 9-year-old reader
Dilly reads one of her favorite books

“I love Summer Reading because we get to read so many books. I like the color run best. I like to read lots of books.” — Alistair G, 8-year-old reader
Alistair at the color run

“When I read The Help by Kathryn Stockett I spent longer than usual — and it had nothing to do with it being over 500 pages. Like any other book, there can be some parts in the reading that lose your interest, therefore, you would just end the reading for the day. So, when I ended my reading on a slightly dull part of the book, going back to read it was very un-motivating. It got to a point where it has been a full week and a half of not even touching the book. I then decided to pick my reading back up. Even though I dreaded returning to the part I was picking back up, in about five minutes something really good and intense happens and next thing you know, I've {been} sucked in and read over 200 pages with no interruptions. Never give up on a book!” — Christina N
 Christina holding up a copy of The Help

“I lug my library books whenever I get the chance — even just to run to the grocery store. If I get the chance to read in the grocery store line, so be it. If I am able to read a few lines (or pages) before leaving my car to go into the store, then so be it. I’m attached.” — Britni S

“One day I was bored so I wanted to build something. I remember I got a build-it-yourself airplane. I got that out and got started. It was hard to fit the tools in where it had to be tight, so my dad taught me some tricks. After that I was done in no time!” — Freddie B, 10-year-old designer
Freddie takes a break from building to read

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