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How the Library finds the titles you explore

Plus book recommendations for fall

Have you ever wondered how the Library decides which books will line its shelves? Or how librarians and the Library website recommend what you or your child can read next on a genre binge?
Enter Brendle Wells and Justin Azevedo. The pair — Brendle on books for adults and Justin on books for teens and kids — constantly read books, reviews, blogs, and Twitter feeds to keep an ear out for titles to buy and recommend to curious readers.
"Book recommendations are a way for librarians to share their knowledge of what books are available for you to read at the library, whether you’re looking for titles similar to your favorite book or uncharted territory," Wells said.

It’s also the same for picking out titles for your child.
“When I recommend books, I recommend things you might not find — they’re titles your child isn’t already bugging you about or the best seller,” Azevedo explained. “Recommendations are another form of discoverability, like browsing a bookshelf, exposing yourself to something new, or expanding what you already like.”
Diversity is also important when recommending and adding books to the collection — especially with children’s books.
“It’s important that every child can see themself reflected in a book,” Azevedo said. “We serve a staggeringly diverse population in Sacramento and all of those families need books.”
Recommendations from patrons, whether it’s gushing about your favorite book or asking about a new lesser-known title, also play a significant role in deciding what to recommend other patrons or add to library shelves.
“Everyone has different tastes — listening to others’ passions expands your views,” Wells said. “We shouldn’t be afraid to share our own passions. If you think a book is good, then you should share it.”


Read into fall

Recommendations for adults
A Duke By Default

A Duke by Default, by Alyssa Cole, is the second romance novel in the Reluctant Royals series, following a young woman’s relationship with her new boss after she starts a plan to re-create herself and her life.

Lethal White
Lethal White, by Robert Galbraith, is the fourth book in the crime fiction series Cormoran Strike, penned by J.K. Rowling under a pseudonym. This novel begins with a troubled and distressed young man seeking help for a crime he witnessed as a child. But before Private Investigator Strike can probe further, he flees the office.

The Mere Wife

The Mere Wife, by Maria Dahvana Headley, reimagines the Beowolf classic into a modern story of motherly love and violence, set in suburbia.

The Man Who Came Uptown
The Man Who Came Uptown, by George Pelecanos, is inspired by the author’s own experiences with prison literacy programs. The fictional novel follows an inmate who discovers the world of reading and immerses himself in it. Suddenly he is set free and now indebted to the one who freed him as he tries to change his life. 

Recommendations for teens 

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, by Hideyuki Furuhashi, is a companion novel to the popular superhero manga. This novel follows the story of vigilantes with superpowers — people who were unable to get a license to be an official superhero, but who still want to fight for justice.

I Am Still Alive
I Am Still Alive, by Kate Alice Marshall, is a suspenseful survival fiction novel about a 16-year-old girl’s efforts to survive in the remote Canadian wilderness after a car crash injured her and killed her mother. Her father was killed by bad guys from his past, and their cabin was burned to the ground. 

Recommendations for children 

The Day You Begin
The Day You Begin, by Jacqueline Woodson, is a picture book about feeling like an outsider. Rigoberto, an immigrant from Venezuela, feels different from the other students, but finds companionship with Angelina over their shared feelings of not fitting in.


Lafayette! by Nathan Hale, brings readers to the world of the American Revolution as they follow Marquis de Lafayette into battle — all in the form of a graphic novel.

Make a recommendation

Library card-holders can also suggest book titles that they would like to see on bookshelves that are not already available by recommending a title.
By Marin Carbin

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