Sacramento Public Library

Sacramento Room Access Policy

Rules for Use of the Collections
Visitors are required to place personal belongings (except for eyeglasses, notebooks, and pencils) in a locker. Coats should be hung in area provided. Pens are prohibited. Staff may inspect briefcases, handbags, parcels, notebooks, books, and other personal property before they are removed from the room (California Penal Code Section 490.5).

Items in this collection are often fragile and must be handled with extreme care. They should be placed flat on a table while in use, not held in the hands. Materials may not be clipped, refolded, traced, or marked in any way. Handle all items, including photographs, by the edges. Artificial light and flash may not be used to photograph the room or materials in the room.

Secured materials must be returned to the service desk 15 minutes before the Library closes.
Smoking, food, and drink are prohibited in the Sacramento Room.
Materials are to be reshelved by staff only.

Services Available
  • Assistance in locating materials and obtaining materials from the vault.
  • Photocopying by staff.
  • Magnifying glasses, pencils, and paper.

  • Photocopying depends upon the size and condition of materials. Some materials are too fragile to place in a copier.
  • Materials may be photocopied only by Library staff.

To purchase digital scans or print reproductions of items in the Sacramento Room, please complete and print the order form and send with payment to the address indicated on the form.
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