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Sacramento Public Library logoSacramento Public Library is the fourth largest library system in California with 28 locations serving 1.4M urban, suburban and rural residents. In addition to lending books, Sacramento Public Library offers services and programming focused on early learning, technology and creation and is committed to providing Sacramento communities with welcoming community spaces.  

Our Vision

Sacramento Public Library is the essential resource for our communities.

Our Mission

Sacramento Public Library inspires our communities to discover, learn and grow.

Equity Statement

Sacramento Public Library affirms all members of the community have the right to achieve their full potential and greatest aspirations, notwithstanding status or identifiers, such as race, as a predictor of life outcomes.  

We recognize Sacramento’s history of racism and the history of systemic racism within libraries in the United States. We commit to represent our diverse community, provide equitable access to resources, and actively support anti-racism. We will listen and work with our communities to identify and address barriers to library resources due to institutional and structural racism.

Sacramento Public Library welcomes the inherent responsibility to shape policies, allocate resources, implement programs, issue directives, and to otherwise advocate for equity, diversity and inclusion. We will: 
  • continue to listen, understand, learn and unlearn 
  • revisit, revise and eliminate policies and procedures that create barriers to equitable access
  • bridge the digital divide by making technology available as equitably as possible in our community; acknowledge and pursue ways of reducing technology’s carbon footprint, which contributes to changing ecosystems and climates
  • together with our community, build responsive and equitable library collections, programs, and services
  • root equity, diversity and inclusion as a foundation of our goal setting process
  • conduct Community Conversations to bring more diverse voices to the table
  • encourage, process and respond to feedback from community and staff to stimulate reflection, change, and growth
  • examine our business practices to provide equitable opportunities to businesses that represent our communities 
  • invest resources in staffing, programs and library services that effectively move the organization towards equity action
  • continue to develop a workforce to support the communities we serve through inclusive recruiting and hiring practices
  • shape an inclusive, well-informed organization through robust training, continuing education and action

Our Team

Library Director & CEO Peter Coyl Peter Coyl
Library Director & CEO
  Jarrid Keller
Deputy Director
  Cathy Crosthwaite
Deputy Director




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