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Library offering greater access with increased hours, new customer-service access and reduced fees
July 15, 2019
Sacramento Public Library has improved access to its staff and services in three different ways — increased customer-service hours including a new chat feature, 66 additional open hours and removal of fines and fees on materials for kids and teens.
“This is a lot of fun,” explained Sacramento Public Library Director Rivkah Sass. “Our libraries belong to the Sacramento communities they serve, and we’re always happy when we can provide them with greater access and service. Bringing this all together at the same time is fun for us because it’s a culmination of what we work toward every day.”

We're always happy when we can provide Sacramento with greater access and service.

Patrons may not see physical changes when visiting the library, but they’ll have greater access to everything we offer.
New chat feature
We now offer extended access to a dedicated customer-service team that can answer all of your questions. Give them a call or use our new chat feature (located on the lower-right of your screen and available between 5 a.m. and 8 p.m.) during our new customer-service hours — often still available after your favorite library has closed for the day.
No fines for kids and teens
Access for kids and teens just got better. To keep young people coming back to the library, we will no longer charge overdue fines on kids and teen materials. Also, no matter your age, you can replace your library card for free.  
Increased library hours
On June 1, doors at Martin Luther King, Jr. Library and Valley Hi-North Laguna Library opened for an additional combined 38 hours a week through Aug. 30. Starting on July 8, Colonial Heights Library will provide an additional 16 hours of access each week through Aug. 30. Hours also were permanently adjusted at several other locations to provide an additional 12 hours of access across the system. Learn more.
Greater access to the library is made possible with the support of the Sacramento City Council. Special thanks to the Friends of the Sacramento Public Library for their efforts to see increased hours at Colonial Heights Library.