Get to Know Your Library

How the Library’s new website might make you say ahhhhhhhhhh... mazing!
By Tracie Popma
January 30, 2019

If you’re reading this, you’re looking for one of two things:

Discover all that we offer. Books are just the beginning.

  1. Where the link is to your favorite or needed service
  2. What the Library offers that you didn’t know
Know your Library
We have a popular saying at Sacramento Public Library: They love us, but they don’t know us. We are a treasured service, but many still remember us as the library of their childhood — silent places of study where you can checkout something to read.

We’re still all about books — hardcover, paperback, large print, picture, ebooks, audiobooks, books available at a physical library, books available via a series of apps —  and about being a welcoming space. We’re also about education, community and hosting events that bring those two experiences together.

We encourage you to take a look around to discover all that we offer. Books are just the beginning.  

Find the goods
The following were the most popular features on our previous website. Use the following notes to navigate to them again.

My Account
Look to the top of this page. My Account is still in the same great location.
Sacramento Bee
Your daily Bee can be found under the Magazines and Newspapers section.

Recommended Books
You can now find these among our Reading Lists page but don’t forget to check out our staff picks back on the homepage.

Books & Media drop down menu of website with Reading Recommendations circled
We’ve put this all in one place for you. (Library hack: Check out Hoopla if you’re looking for an e-read with no wait time.)

Get a Library Card
You already have one of these, but if your friends, family or students are curious, you can find access to one at the bottom of every page.

Want to make a recommendation?
Let us know if you’re having trouble or something makes very little sense to you about the new website. We’re here for your feedback — just email or give us a call at (916) 264-2920. (P.S. We accept compliments about the new website on this line too.)