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Library & Friends to help local kids on Big Day of Giving
April 15, 2019
Half of Sacramento 3rd-graders aren’t able to read at grade level.

Many of my students don't have books at home and can't get to the library.

Many of us have fond memories of visiting the library to sing and listen to stories with other kids our age. Others of us have memories of bedtime stories with our moms or dads or grandparents. But for many in our community, this isn’t a fond memory because it isn’t a memory at all.

“Many of my students don’t have books at home and can’t get to the library." For years, we’ve heard this from local teachers. In 2016, we sought to change it with Book First.
What is Book First?
Together, Sacramento Public Library and the Friends of the Sacramento Public Library head into local schools to reach kids who are underserved, and we don’t leave until every 1st-grader has a book in their hand — a book they can take home. Since 2016, we’ve provided 30,000 kids with their very own book, for many their very first book. 
Young boy holding children's bookWhat can one book do?
That one book sets off sparks of excitement and joy, an almost disbelief that this small treasure is theirs to keep forever.

“Can I really take this home? I never have to return it? This is the first book I have ever owned!"
As they bask in that excitement, we revel in knowing what that one book can do — positively impact their future academic growth and job attainment.*
What will my donation do?
Your donation will put books into the hands of kids who are underserved at a critical time in their development — two years before state testing that shows half of Sacramento 3rd-graders aren’t able to read at grade level.**

We can change that by providing books to 1st-graders — but we can only do it with your help. Please donate on the Big Day of Giving to make a difference for Sacramento kids.
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$25 = Books for 8 students
$75 = Books for 1 classroom
$150 = Books for 1 school
$350 = Books for 1 neighborhood


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* Science Says: A Book-Filled Home Has Benefits Beyond Reading for Kids
** CAASPP ELA/Literacy Results for All Achievement Levels by Selected Grade