Library Challenges Sacramento to Read 650,000 Books

How a community reading together can help local kids
July 15, 2019
When you sit down with the youth services team at Sacramento Public Library, you begin to understand why our education services are sought after by parents across the region. As experts in early learning and K-12 education, they have established library programs that help kids grow and succeed in school.
Like you, they hold their breath when considering how kids will maintain their academic skills over the summer months, especially when statistics show that only half of local third-graders read at grade level. Fortunately, the answer is a relatively easy one — Summer Reading, which offers exciting activities and reading milestones to engage kids in the fun of learning.  

Summer Reading is the answer, but how do we show Sacramento kids that summer is the best time to read? By becoming a model.

Become a model

When we all read, kids read too.

When we all read, kids read too. It’s called “modeling positive reading behavior.” Parents do this when they read in front of their kids and then reinforce it every time they read to them or bring them to storytime. We believe that if the community reads — if all of Sacramento comes together to read for kids — we’ll lead kids to read and prevent the loss of academic achievement that can occur when school is out for summer.
What do we mean when we ask Sacramento to #Read4SacKids? We’re asking everyone to model positive reading behavior, from reading with your kids (if you have them) to reading on your own to help raise awareness of the importance of Summer Reading. The goal is to read 650,000 books as a community by Aug. 15.   
Why 650,000 books?
Sacramento is a Summer Reading leader in the state of California. Year after year, we read more than any other community in the state. Last year we read more than 550,000 books in Sacramento and we know we can go beyond that this year to raise awareness of the importance of Summer Reading.
Sign up for Summer Reading. Sign up your kids and family. Tell your friends to sign up too. Summer Reading is for everyone because when we all read, kids read too. 
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