Sacramento Public Library stands for #ebooksforall

Major publisher limits your access
November 1, 2019
You know the story. You’re madly in love with libraries, but often have to defend why we’re relevant. We are thriving because of you, and we thank you for being our greatest advocates.
We’re a long-standing cornerstone of the community because we know how to adapt, evolving alongside innovation and trends that make society what it is today.
Twenty years ago, we made the leap from books to ebooks and other digital real estate and now we’re being forced back by Macmillan Publishers.
On Nov. 1, 2019, Macmillan will only allow public libraries to purchase one digital copy of each new book release, not allowing us to purchase additional copies for eight weeks. Allowing any publisher to limit access to books at libraries is the first step down a precarious path — and that’s not a path we’re willing to take. We can no longer purchase new digital titles from Macmillan because we stand for libraries and we stand for you.
Why are they doing this? They claim libraries are cutting into their profits, yet libraries spend millions each year purchasing the titles you want to read from publishers.
What does this mean for you? Limited access to the books you want to read.*

If only 1% of current Sacramento Public Library card holders want to read the same new release you do, you’ll be waiting in line with 8,000 others for one digital copy for eight weeks. 

What can you do? Let your voice be heard. You’ve been a strong advocate for libraries. Do the same to ensure #ebooks4all. Contact Macmillan and let them know how you feel about reduced access to new digital titles.  


* Purchase of Macmillan Publisher titles will be restricted to book and audio formats. Sacramento Public Library will not purchase new digital titles until Macmillan lifts the library embargo.