Beginnings and endings

From the director's desk
December 17, 2020
I had hoped to write this final post for 2020 about beginnings, endings and perhaps even new beginnings. Instead, we have all taken one step back and for the moment COVID-19 is running the show, preventing us from gathering with loved ones, changing how we go about our daily lives and forcing us apart.
At Sacramento Public Library, we have done our best to adapt to the changes and provide services through curbside pick-up, virtual programs and personal shopping. Our resourceful staff have recreated window shopping in the best sense of the term, putting displays of books in windows for you to check out. We even held our annual Jane Austen Birthday Tea, virtually of course. The bonus? Natalie Jenner, author of The Jane Austen Society, was our speaker and guests from as far away as Cambridge England joined us. There was even dancing! It’s our goal that the Library is a bit of hope and a bright spot in our weary world. We are here for you.
Speaking of bright spots, our official fundraising partner, The Friends of Sacramento Public Library are just that. The Friends continue to inspire, advocate, raise funds, and support the mission and vision of Sacramento Public Library. They believe as we do, that literacy is critical to a thriving community and that every child deserves the opportunity to start school ready to read. They also believe that the Library is a critical component in creating those opportunities and demonstrate that with their support of Book First, which provides books to first graders throughout our service area. They are true friends and partners. They believe in the power of libraries benefiting our community and want to see us thrive.
This time of year is also about endings. The Library is nearing a final resolution of its litigation against the organization formerly known as the Sacramento Public Library Foundation. The terms of that settlement will protect the Library’s name and reflect the fact that the Foundation is a separate entity and not a fundraising partner of the Library. We hope to see the settlement finalized in early 2021,allowing both of our organizations to move forward.
May you all stay healthy, love from a distance, and use the Library!