Get back-to-school ready

Find materials to support learning at the library
August 10, 2020
In need of materials to support learning this fall? Pick some up from the library.
Whatever mix of ages you have in your home, the library has materials to support your learning goals. In addition to a wide array of digital resources, you can also access print items, board games, and kits this school year.
Keep learning fun this year: Try gameschooling
Dixit.jpgCheck out one of our selection of board games, either for gameschooling (the use of tabletop board or card games in an intentional way as part of homeschooling) or as a family activity – board games are great for practicing math and literacy skills. Games contribute to building social emotional skills through taking turns, waiting, working as a team, graciously winning or losing, and can be a fun activity for family members of all ages. For example, the card game Sushi Go! requires multiplication and addition and planning ahead while the team game Codenames builds literacy and vocabulary as players think of synonyms and classification groupings to give as clues. Cooperative games like Hoot, Owl, Hoot and Forbidden Desert encourage cooperation and collaborative puzzle solving. The themes of some games have historical and natural connections that make them a great pair with educational lessons, like Photosynthesis or Reef. While some of our games are a better choice for experienced gamers, many have been specially selected for families with younger members like Catan Junior, Animal Upon Animal and Qwirkle or games based on classic fables and fairy tales like The Hare and the Tortoise and Baba Yaga.

Get hands-on experience with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math with a STEM Kit
gravitymaze.pngWhatever mix of ages you have in your home, the library has materials to support your learning goals. A variety of kits are available for checkout, including STEM Kits for school age kids to exploring coding, robotics, natural science, building and engineering and more. Use Counting Bears to reinforce math concepts like addition and subtraction, or get hands-on geometry experience with Dive into Shapes. Young learners can explore the natural world with a Talking Microscope or check out real bugs under a magnifying glass.  Find the entire assortment of STEM Kits here to place a hold on the kit(s) that interest your student. Some of our most popular kits include snap circuits, gravity mazes, marble runs, and Ozobots. For the 0-5 age range, check out our brand new Early Learning Kits which pair a high quality early learning toy with a book and a tip sheet.

Check out print books for students of all ages using the library’s curbside pickup
While we have a wide selection of digital resources, there are many reasons a student might prefer a print book. Use our personal shopper service to check out print books for all ages. We can select books for beginning readers that will support learning to read, informational books on a wide range of topics of interest to your student, books for independent reading that appeal to your reader’s interests, and more! Whether your student is studying how to become a chef, creating their own PE class, or animating their first film the library’s personal shoppers will select books to help them achieve their goals. 
And if you aren’t quite sure where to start, let us help! We can offer personalized reading recommendations by email, or live on Facebook and Twitter each month, and we would love to help you find books, kits, or games that your whole family might enjoy. You may pick up your requested books at one of our 26 library locations offering curbside pickup.