Library partners with Scholars Playground on distance learning summer enrichment program

Summer program teaches video game design to middle school students
August 7, 2020
This summer, library staff taught video game design for middle school students through the Square Root Academy’s Scholar’s Playground, a distance learning summer enrichment program. A total of 21 students attended the library’s session which ran June 29 to August 4.
Using a block based coding software called ‘game salad,’ scholars built short ‘maze’ games via Zoom. These lessons emphasized machine thinking, computer literacy and design skills as the scholars learn to create if/then systems and layout all the design elements of a video game level. 

game-image-(2).PNGThese skills, although valuable in themselves, help students build confidence that they can effective use and make with technology. Research collected by shows that students who study computer science are 17% more likely to attend college, perform better in other subjects and excel at problem solving. These gains are particularly acute in women and students of color.