Valley Hi-North Laguna, Elk Grove and North Natomas Libraries to temporarily close for maintenance

Material handling system will be installed and upgraded to check-in and distribute items more efficiently
December 21, 2020
In order to manage our collection safely and efficiently while getting all our materials back into circulation in a timely matter, we're installing and upgrading Automated Material Handling Systems (AMHS) to help with receiving, checking-in and sorting items for staff.
To ensure a smooth installation and upgrade with the least amount of interference,Valley Hi-North Laguna, Elk Grove and North Natomas Libraries will close temporarily. We apologize in advance for this temporary inconvenience.  
“The library moves thousands of items around the system each day, and the AMHS helps us distribute these items effectively,” said Collection Services Manager Lisa Dale. “Checking-in and distributing items quicker enables us to fill holds quicker as well. It also benefits the staff because the system will sort items into bins for less handling and faster shelving.”

Valley Hi-North Laguna Library will be closed from January 19 to 26. Curbside services will not be available but book drop will remain open.

Elk Grove Library will be closed from January 26 to February 8. Curbside services and computer appointments will not be available. Patrons may visit Valley Hi - North Laguna or Franklin to return materials. 

North Natomas Library will be closed from February 2 to 17. Curbside services and computer appointments will not be available but book drop will remain open.
We have used these automated systems at Elk Grove Library since 2009, North Natomas Library since 2010, Central Library since 2017 and Rancho Cordova Library since 2011, which was recently upgraded.
If you have items on hold at these locations, your holds can either be transferred to another location
, or extra time will be allowed to hold your pickup. Please call us at (916) 264-2920 or (800) 209-4627 for assistance.