Voting at the library

From the director's desk
October 15, 2020
There is something about the idea of being able to vote that never gets old for me. I’m thrilled when my voter guide arrives and love reading through all the measures and candidates.

Our democracy is an amazing and precious thing which is why I am so proud of how much Sacramento Public Library has been able to help every election year since 2012. In that first year, we sponsored our first Ballot Initiative Explainer with CSUS Professor Kim Nalder and the Project for an Informed Electorate. We expanded in 2014 with a few libraries serving as ballot drop off sites for people who appreciate the convenience of voting by mail. Over the years, we have gradually expanded that service to all locations and now offer vote centers as another voting option. On November 3, we will extend our hours and 26 locations will be open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. with 11 libraries serving as in-person vote centers. (Ella K. McClatchy and Orangevale are currently closed.)
I monitored a ballot box a few days ago and was struck by how excited people were to be able to use a library to drop their ballots off and how much trust they had in us to make sure that we would keep their ballots safe. It was inspiring to meet first-time voters and voters who have voted in every election since 1960. Kids were eager to watch their parents drop their ballots in and everyone I encountered (about 50 people over a two-hour period) expressed gratitude that democracy is alive and well. I am too.

To learn more about how you can vote at the library, visit or call the library’s dedicated information line at (916) 331-VOTE (8683).