Inspiring hope

From the director's desk
January 21, 2021
When asked what I’m most proud of at Sacramento Public Library (SPL), there are many things to celebrate. The library’s commitment to early literacy and preparing children ages zero to five for school, and the support we give to help students succeed in school are all great accomplishments. But the one thing that I am most proud of is that SPL offers educational opportunities to adults through Career Online High School (COHS).
Over the past six years, nearly 180 graduates have earned their diplomas with the library. Those numbers don’t fully demonstrate this program’s impact. It is much greater. COHS helps our graduates fulfill their dreams. COHS helps change the path of entire families’ futures. It demonstrates their ability to achieve their goals and that hope is a real and tangible.
This is what fills my heart with such joy. It's profound what libraries do for the communities we serve: education for all ages, access to information, and the power to learn, to discover and to grow. Most importantly, we inspire hope. Given the challenges and obstacles 2020 presented all of us, we could all use some hope as we look toward our future.
Join us for an info session about Career Online High School on Friday, January 29 at 6 p.m. During this session, learn more about completing your high school diploma online with the library You’ll also hear graduates speak about their experience and how they benefitted from the program.