Read what you love this summer

From the directors desk
May 18, 2021
Did you know that public libraries are super heroes who are stronger than Thor and swifter than Wonder Woman when it comes to getting kids reading during the summer?
Our librarians have promoted reading in the summer as a way to keep reading skills up and kids engaged dating all the way back to the 1890s. That was long before there were campaigns to close third-grade reading gaps or address the summer slide. Sacramento Public Library has always supported kids and adults in becoming strong readers. Librarians know that a love of reading is what starts it all. It isn’t learning to read just so you can read to learn, it’s reading for the sheer pleasure of it.
So this summer, we encourage you to join our Summer Reading challenge starting June 1. Read what you love. Find joy in it and the places it can take you. If you need some reading inspiration, our librarians are here for you with personalized reading recommendations and personal shopping services.
We are continuing to partner with schools, community-based organizations, and the Friends of Sacramento Public Library—our official and only fundraising partner—to bring Summer Reading to everyone throughout our 975-square mile service area. Summer Reading is so much more than just giving away books. We offer services and programs to enrich the very youngest in our communities to adults who never had the chance to learn to read. We do it because we believe in community, in making opportunities to learn equitable and accessible, and in helping our region be all it can be.
Don’t let the kids have all the Summer Reading fun. Readers of all ages can join. We also have some incredible adult programming lined up for the summer including a virtual Book Buzz series with publishers, Authors Uncovered with Jasmine Guillory, and so many book clubs.