Sensory Storytimes now available online

Sensory Storytime supports early learning through stories, rhymes and songs
January 13, 2021
Sensory-Storytime-song2chicken-crop.jpgStorytimes sometimes need an extra ‘oomph’ to fully support a child’s sensory needs. That’s where Sensory Storytime steps in. Similar to traditional storytimes, Sensory Storytime supports early learning through stories, rhymes and songs. A key difference is adding extra interaction to engage children’s senses beyond sight and sound. Sensory Storytimes offer textures and tactile activities to support and encourage participation.

Sacramento Public Library’s Sensory Storytimes are now online and accessible to families at home. Sensory Storytimes are planned for children with developmental disabilities ages 2-5 but are enjoyable for all children and families. Sensory Storytimes are ideal for children who need to move around the room, keep their hands busy while listening to a storytime, or who have cognitive differences and need to learn in different ways.

Each online Sensory Storytime is presented in six short videos to make the program more adaptable to individual needs and includes an opening song, a movement rhyme, a musical activity, a story, a sensory activity and a closing song. Families will select the videos that best meet their needs and can view them in any order they want.

To start watching, find Sensory Storytime on Sacramento Public Library’s YouTube channel. New videos will also be shared on Facebook and Instagram.