This Month in Kids Books: June 2021

Reading recommendations for kids
June 15, 2021
Summer vacation is upon us, and Summer Reading right along with it! Chapter book readers in search of a good read to check off their list as the weather gets hot might want to place a hold on the upcoming sequel to Leslie Youngblood’s wonderful Love Like Sky
Forever This Summer by Leslie C. Youngblood
Georgie has no idea what to expect when she, Mama, and Peaches are plopped down in the middle of Bogalusa, Louisiana, where Mama grew up and Great Aunt Vie needs constant care. When Georgie finally gets permission to explore on her own, Georgie makes friends with Markie— a foster kid who'd been under Aunt Elvie's care— who has a limb difference and a huge attitude. Then Markie asks Georgie to help her find her mom, and suddenly summer has a real purpose.

Pride Month
June is Pride Month, when celebrations recognize the local, national, and international history and impact of LGBTQ+ individuals. The library offers a number of regularly updated reading lists and recommendations for LGBTQ+ children and families looking for a great read for Pride:
                                        Rainbow Family Storytime
                                            Rainbow Kids Reads 

What’s New This Month
New Minecraft and Star Wars books for younger readers are on the way to library shelves, along with some great graphic novels, a board book that celebrates immigrant experiences, a new entry in the funny and informative Science Comics series about spiders, and more:
What We’re Reading
Library staff are recommending some infamous rats, Phoebe's unicorn, a questing rabbit, and a super narwhal this month, alongside some gorgeous picture books and engaging reads for older kids:
For more lists of recommended reads from the book world and beyond, check these out: