This Month in Adult Books: July 2022

Reading recommendations for adults
July 12, 2022
 Featured Title
Shutter by Ramona Emerson
Shutter is a thrilling and atmospheric crime debut featuring Rita Todacheene, a crime scene photographer in Albuquerque with a secret gift, she can see ghosts. This gift is considered taboo in the Navajo Nation that she grew up in and has caused immense pain in her personal life. Professionally, she is aided by the ghosts of victims who point out evidence easily missed. But now a vengeful ghost will not leave her alone, forcing her into a quest for the killers which puts Rita directly in the sights of one of the city’s most dangerous cartels. Readers of horror, crime, and the supernatural should not miss this book.

New & Upcoming
There’s still plenty of time left to do your summer reading and August offers some great new titles to check out like The Last Karankawas by Kimberly Garza, a debut novel about a tightly knit community of Mexican and Filipino families on the Texas coast. For something a bit more fantastical, try The Book Eaters by Sunyi Dean about a group of people in Yorkshire for whom books are food. For those looking for something true to life, there is a close examination of the life and crimes of Harvey Weinstein and the culture of silence in the entertainment industry in Hollywood Ending by Ken Auletta. For something less recent there is a new biography of football star Jim Thorpe by David Maraniss, A Path Lit by Lightning, which restores him to his rightful place in history.  
Check This Out!
Everyone has been loving Stranger Things this summer but with the final season still two years away we have the perfect list of books for you to read until then.  
What We’re Reading
Nora Goes Off Script by Annabel Monaghan
This is a lovely and breezy read about a faux Hallmark channel romance movie writer who mines the story of her terrible first marriage for a script. That script is then made into a blockbuster movie filmed in part on her property and starring an incredibly good looking and well known actor. The actor stays in a trailer during the shoot and then stays for several weeks after the shoot. Can you guess where this is going? It’s a great choice for romcom and women’s fiction readers alike.

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