This Month in Kids Books: May 2023

Reading recommendations for kids
May 11, 2023
A new entry in one of the popular and always-fun Rick Riordan Presents line of middle-grade fantasies is on the way to library shelves.

The Last Fallen Realm by Graci Kim
Riley Oh wasn’t born into her family. Instead, as she recently discovered, she tumbled down to the earth many years ago as the last fallen star. Riley Oh also wasn’t born to be a witch. Like, at all—even her status as a divine celestial being comes with zilch in the magical powers department. And Riley Oh definitely wasn’t born to be a leader. But now the entire magical community thinks she and her soul-twin, Dahl, are meant to lead the world into the Age of the Final Eclipse (or whatever it is that the Haetae keeps saying they’re “destined” to do).
But ever since Riley killed the Cave Bear Goddess, she’s been a bit pre-occupied with one thing: waiting for the goddess’s sisters to get their revenge. And it looks like her wait is finally over—because as witches from around the world prepare for war, it seems as though the goddesses are preparing for something much worse. Something that will lure Riley and her friends deep into the realm of the gods. Into a world of humongous, talking moon bunnies; life-or-death mini-golf competitions; and… magical gummy candies?

What’s New This Month
Other series with new books on the way include Warriors Graphic Novel, Big Nate, Treasure Hunters, Pete the Cat, and Science Comics. Also incoming are some diverting picture books from Hervé Tullet and Aisha Saeed, and new novels from authors like Brian Young, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Zohra Nabi, Gary D. Schmidt, Jack Chen, Lisa McMann, and more.  
What’s Hot This Month
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What We’re Reading
Here are some quotes from library staff about their latest recommended picks:

Busy Street by Edward Miller: “Kids love vehicles, and this fun, colorful book shows all the different types of wheeled things one finds in a town.”
Real Cowboys by Kate Hoefler: “Shows how to integrate masculinity with things like being careful, sad, or loving, using real-world examples.”
Holding On by Sophia N. Lee: “This book is so sweet I wanted to cry reading it. It's all about the cultural touchpoints the main character uses to connect with her Lola who is losing her memories.”  
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