This Month in Adult Books: May 2024

Reading recommendations for adults
May 16, 2024
What We Are Reading
Book cover that has a read background and a microphone cord wrapping arouund the title, "Listen for the Lie."Listen for the Lie by Amy Tintera (audio, read by January LaVoy and Will Damron)
Five years earlier Lucy was the main suspect in her best friends murder but she doesn’t remember what happened that night. Though she was convicted in the court of public opinion, she was never arrested, so she tries to live her life quietly and anonymously, far away from her home town. But a podcast has dredged everything up again. Fired from her job and on rocky ground with her boyfriend, she returns to her hometown for her Grandmother’s birthday party where the podcaster, Ben, just happens to be hanging out and it turns out he’s pretty good at uncovering new information… Lucy is bitter, sarcastic, prone to poor decisions, and half convinced that she actually did it. There are plot twists of course so if you like mysteries or thrillers, you'll want to check this one out.

What's Hot This Month
If you enjoyed The Women by Kristin Hannah, check out these great books.

Featured Title
Book cover with an illustration of someone laying down with their arms above their head with the title "Swift River" written in bold white letters.Swift River by Essie Chambers
Set in a small New England town in 1987, this debut coming of age story features Diamond Newberry. She and her mother have been struggling to make ends meet since her father disappeared in 1980. When a letter arrives from her father’s family she begins to realize how disconnected she is from them and from the Black community. She is, she believes, the only Black person currently living in Swift River. The letters she receives will help her better understand where she comes from through the history of her family and of her community. With a deep, emotional story and rich, complex characters this sparkling debut novel is a must for book groups and fans of books like The Vanishing Half.

What's New This Month
If you are looking for a new and exciting authors, June offers plenty of choices including The Ballad of Jacquotte Delahaye by Briony Cameron, an exciting adventure based on a real life female pirate captain in the 17th century, and Malas by Marcela Fuentes, in which a curse reverberates through the generations of a Tejano family.
When Women Ran Fifth Avenue by Julia Satow is about the compelling history of three pioneering women who revolutionized the American department store in the 20th century. Another history comes from Garrett M. Graff, who shares the history of D-Day from the men who fought it in When The Sea Came Alive: an oral history of D-Day.  
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