This Month in Kids Books: June 2024

Reading recommendations for kids
June 18, 2024
What We’re Reading
Here are some quotes from library staff about their latest recommended picks:
Mexikid by Pedro Martin: “I think this book was written for me! Mexikid is a really wonderful memoir about family legend and custom.”
Tangled: A Story About Shapes by Anne Miranda, ill. by Eric Comstock: “A fun way to learn shape names.”
A Library by Nikki Giovanni, ill. by Erin K. Robinson: “This book explores all the different things a library can be! Every page feels like an adventure.”
How to Party Like a Snail by Naseem Hrab, ill. by Kelly Collier: “This story of acceptance, friendship, and embracing your own ways of celebrating is too precious!”

What’s Hot This Month
June is Pride month! Kick off summer reading with some of these great LGBTQ+ reads for kids.  
Featured Title
Pizza Face by Rex Ogle & Dave Valeza
On the first day of seventh grade, Rex encounters a bump in the road—a big angry pimple right in the center of his forehead. And this is only the beginning of his problems. What follows is a frustrating battle with stubborn acne, body odor, and other embarrassments of puberty. Still struggling with a home life edging on the poverty line, Rex can't afford to buy the acne medication or deodorant he needs, and bullies are noticing Rex's awkward transformation. On top of it all, things have gotten weird with his friends, making Rex feel like he can't do or say anything right. So far, seventh grade stinks!

What’s New This Month
The newest Narwhal and Jelly comic is on the way to library shelves, along gorgeous picture books by Brian Pinkney, Antoinette Portis, and Loren Long. The newest entries in the My Weird School, Bamboo Kingdom, Whatever After, and I Survived: The Graphic Novel series are also incoming, along with new books from authors like Gordon Korman, Sergio Ruzzier, R. L. Stine, Aimee Lucido, and more.  
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