Facilities Vision Plan


Sacramento Public Library released a new Facilities Vision Plan in 2023. The facilities master plan guides decision-making about investments in library facilities in Sacramento communities over the next 10 to 20 years.

Executive Summary

In 2019, SPL initiated a planning process to develop a system-wide vision of 21st century library spaces and facilities that support high quality library services for diverse Sacramento County communities. The process was designed to complement and build upon the County of Sacramento’s master plan for its 12 owned facilities (which is incorporated in this report as an appendix under separate cover). The process was put on hold temporarily during COVID library closures and SPL’s transition to a new library director. The project remobilized in the winter of 2022-2023 with robust staff and community engagement, and the Vision Plan process was completed in the summer of 2023.

The vision for library spaces and facilities incorporates the ideas and input of thousands of Sacramento County residents, more than 250 SPL staff members, and representatives of JPA member jurisdictions.

Key concepts and themes emerging through the visioning process include:

  • Sacramento County communities love and appreciate SPL’s services, staff, and spaces
  • Expanded and enhanced library collections, programs, and space are needed for diverse and growing community needs
  • Welcoming, inclusive, and well-maintained facilities are essential for providing high quality services and maximizing positive community impact. 

County of Sacramento Library Facilities Plan

2021 County of Sacramento Library Facilities Plan
2021 County of Sacramento Library Facilities Plan Appendix

Previous Plans

Annual Staff Report 2016
Sacramento Public Library Facility Master Plan 2007-2025 
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