Use of Library Facilities: Exhibit Policy and Procedure


The purpose of having exhibits in the Sacramento Public Library is to permit, for limited periods of time, displays of unified collections of paintings, prints, sketches, sculpture artifacts, or other objects to encourage the appreciation of a range of art, collections or displays.


Sacramento Public Library welcomes the opportunity to provide exhibit space in some locations as a public service for the display of art or collections. Exhibits are selected or prepared by library staff on the basis of their aesthetic quality. They should have some educational, research or recreation interest and an ability to attract a wide general audience.


Exhibits may be prepared by individuals, organizations or institutions specifically for the Sacramento Public Library; such exhibits should not involve the advocacy of public issues. Exhibits also may include traveling exhibits selected by the Library, and exhibits by artists of national, regional or local interest. At other times, the exhibits may be of materials owned by the Library. The exhibitor’s name must be posted in the exhibit. PRICES MAY NOT BE POSTED NOR SALES CONDUCTED ON LIBRARY PROPERTY.

Normal precautions for the security of the exhibit will be exercised by the Library. However, the Library does not assume responsibility or liability for any damage or loss of any part of an exhibit. The Library provides no insurance coverage for this purpose.
The installation is subject to the approval of the Library. Art exhibited must not result in any physical damage to the exhibit space.
Publicity from an exhibitor must be approved by the Library Director and Library Communications staff at least 30 days prior to the start of the exhibit. This includes, but is not limited to, press, print, radio or television media, fliers, websites or social media. Publicity also may be initiated by the Library at its discretion through its regular communications channels. The Library may use the brief descriptions and images included in the Art Exhibit Application for the purposes of publicity.


Exhibits will be on displayed for a mutually agreed-upon time.

Application to exhibit must be made in writing using the Art Exhibit Application and, if requested by the Library, accompanied by examples of work to be shown. Exhibits in a branch library must also be approved by the Branch Supervisor. Exhibitors should include a list of the titles of works and a brief description of the exhibit, or include an artist statement. Images also may be included with the application.
The responsibility for denial of a request shall rest with the Director, Deputy Library Director or designated manager.


Appendix A: Art Exhibit Application


Use of Library Facilities by Non-Library Groups