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LGBTQ Reading List
Books by, for and about the LGBTQ community

Indigenous Peoples Reading List
Books by, for and about Indigenous Peoples.

An Antiracist Reading List
Titles from our collection that address racism for all ages. 

Weekly Readers' Picks
Our weekly must-read list comprised of reading recommendations from our live Q&A’s with our readers. 


Reads for teens

Great Reads
Book lists for all ages to keep your reading lists current and full.

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Travel Reads
While we're spending more time at home, escape to a new place in the pages of a travel literature.

Have Questions?
How often do new reading lists come out?

We update reading lists regularly, at least once a month.

Who selects the staff picks?

We have a dedicated team of librarians who create the reading lists — the same librarians who select the books for our catalog.

Is it possible to get a personalized reading list?

Yes. We have three different ways for you to get personalized reading recommendations.

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