Parents and Caregivers

We're here to lend a helping hand

Parents, caregivers and students - you’re doing a great job, and we’re here to help as much as we can. While we’re all adjusting to changing expectations, library resources are here for you whenever you need them.

  • Find video resources selected for specific age groups, grades K-12
  • Explore specific subjects, like Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math
  • Get tips to help you navigate the new resources available

Resources by grade level

4th through 8th grade
Learn about ScienceFlix, CultureGrams, National Geographic, Overdrive, and Hoopla.

Resources by subject
Find resources below or follow us on Facebook to get a daily recommendation of a couple online resources you might find helpful as you explore different topics like Art, Math, Science, Technology and Engineering or Social Studies.

Daily Tips
Each month, we’ll share simple ways you’re helping your child learn every day and share resources that you can use at home at Everyday Learning. Brought to you in partnership with Fortune School and ABC10.

5 ways to enjoy a book (other than reading it again)

Art & Creativity (Grades PreK-3)
Science and Natural History
Technology and Engineering
Art & Creativity
Science and Zoology
Fun with Math
Science & Social Studies

Have Questions?
We have some books we weren’t able to return before libraries closed, will we have fines?

No, all overdue fees have been eliminated across all Sacramento Library branches.

My student has read all the books we have at home already, how can we get more?

Let us be your virtual school library while you’re at home. You can check out up to 60 ebooks at a time with your library card and access our Homework Help resources.

You can also request reading recommendations or place a Personal Shopper request with our librarians, who would absolutely love to help you find some great books to enjoy at home as a family. Once your materials are ready, you can pick them up curbside.

Are there any library programs going on right now?

Join us for daily and weekly virtual programs including storytimes.

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