Harwood Community Conversations

Bringing Sacramento together.

We’re bringing local community leaders together to create a strong future for Sacramento. Join us for a discussion with Rich Harwood from the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation where we’ll pinpoint areas of improvement for Sacramento and work toward solutions with our collective ability to be a force for good.

  • The discussion starts on September 15 at 1 p.m. at Central Library and will be led by Rich Harwood.
  • Thereafter, the library will host 80 community conversations throughout the region.
  • Results from the discussions will be provided in December allowing each of us to make a plan for the future.

About Harwood Institute for Public Innovation
Harwood Institute champions the philosophy of Turning Outward. Many leaders and organizations turn inward, focusing unintentionally on themselves at the expense of their communities. Turning Outward is a fundamental precept of community action that allows you to act on a philosophy of civic faith.

Turning Outward has spread to all 50 states and is being used in 40 countries. Rich has helped solve some of the most challenging problems in the hardest-pressed communities in America. His experience working on the ground to build capacity and coalitions for change gives him unique, powerful insight on bridging divides.
Have Questions?
Can anyone attend the September event?

Yes. If you're interested in finding ways with your fellow community members to make positive change in Sacramento, we want to see you there. 

Are the discussions free to attend?

The discussions are free and available to anyone in the public. 

How do I sign up for one of the 80 discussions?

The discussions will be posted in the coming months. Watch this page for details. 

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