Jane Austen Virtual Reali-Tea

A Jane Austen Celebration with Cassiane Mobley.

Inspired by the iconic novelist herself, Cassiane Mobley (they/them) will be a speaker at our annual Jane Austen program. Join us in honoring Austen’s legacy.

  • Register in advance for this event on Sunday, December 12
  • Learn to dance as English Country Dance caller, Kalia Kliban teaches you step-by-step

About the celebration 
You are cordially invited to the 12th annual Jane Austen Virtual Reali-Tea! This year, you will celebrate Austen from the comfort of your own estate.
We are pleased to introduce Cassiane Mobley us as our featured speaker. Mobley is a devoted Janite, English Country Dance caller, and historical dance enthusiast. They started doing English Country Dancing in 2007 when they were astonished to learn that people still danced the beautiful country dances of Jane Austen's day. Cassiane also hosts the YouTube Channel Tea with Cassiane, where they talk about Regency dancing and how it relates to Jane Austen's novels and film adaptations.
We’ll close with English Country Dance caller, Kalia Kliban, who will lead us in dance.

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