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Rich Harwood of the Harwood Institute sparked a coming together on Sunday, Sept. 15 at Central Library. (Watch the event here.) He gave us insight into how to begin to resolve our most pressing issues in Sacramento. Together, we'll continue the conversation to find solutions.

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How Harwood is making a difference

Harwood Institute champions Turning Outward — a fundamental precept of community action that allows you to act on a philosophy of civic faith. Rich has helped solve some of the most challenging problems in the hardest-pressed communities in America. For example: 
  • In Battle Creek, Michigan he led the community in shifting its civic culture leading to healthcare for its immigrant population and major increases in reading proficiency among kindergartners. 
  • He led the process to decide the fate of the Sandy Hook School following the 2012 shooting. 
  • He also partnered with the Mobile Area Education Foundation to bring about the passing of a school levy for the first time in 41 years and a controversial pay equity system to bring skilled teachers into its urban core.
His experience working on the ground to build capacity and coalitions for change gives him unique, powerful insight on bridging divides.
Have Questions?
Can anyone attend the September event?

Yes. If you're interested in finding ways with your fellow community members to make positive change in Sacramento, we want to see you there. 

Are the discussions free to attend?

The discussions are free and available to anyone in the public. 

How do I sign up for one of the 80 discussions?

Watch our program calendar or submit your interest to have us host a discussion with your community. 

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