How It Works

Sign-up Tips

One email per account
Like most online accounts, one email address provides you with one account.

Multiple members under one account
Sign yourself up first, and then add additional readers.  

What you’ll be asked for
The basics — your name, email, age group, preferred branch, mailing address (optional*), etc.

* Required for grand prize eligibility.

Already have an account?
Wonderful. Sign in (if needed, resetting your password is easy) and make sure everything is up-to-date.

What You Can Read

Read anything
Anyone at any age can read what they like, from audiobooks to zines.

All items counted the same
Each book counts as one item read, whether it’s a picture book or 30 minutes of reading Harry Potter.

Books read together count for everyone
Reading a book to a child, or listening to an audiobook together counts as a book read for them and for you too.

Log what you read
Log in and click the green button in the upper left, or track it on paper.

Mobile logging
Log on the go with the Beanstack app. Download for iPhone or Android.

Find Summer Activities

Keep learning fun
We’ve designed activities for you to discover, learn and play at home.

Activities for all ages
Check out the activity badges for your age group in your Summer Reading account — pre-reader (0-5), kid (5-12), teen (13-18) or adult (18+).