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Let’s Talk About events are designed for you to hear about issues discussed locally and globally. These 90-minute forums provide you a welcoming space to have discussions about topics that are often difficult to talk about. It also provides opportunities to see an issue from various perspectives.

  • Get facts from those on the front lines of an issue
  • Use the opportunity to ask a question that concerns you
  • Use provided tools to continue the conversation in your community (coming soon)

Let's Talk About: Health Literacy

Held on Sunday, August 18 at Central Library

The health of a city impacts all of its citizens and many factors play into its well-being — the individual health education of its people, access to food and housing, mental health care, care for the environment, and more.  

How do we create a health-literate Sacramento and maintain it to ensure a healthy community and environment for future generations? Mark your calendars and let’s talk about it with our panelists.

Amanda Bloom, MPH, Health Education Council
Bloom is the director of strategic program initiatives and evaluation for the Health Education Council, where she works to cultivate health and well-being in Sacramento’s underserved communities. Previously with Public Health Advocates, she led the organization’s successful lobbying efforts to curtail junk food and soda sales in California schools and increase funding for physical education. In 2008, she led the effort to require calorie labeling on chain restaurant menus and menu boards.

Carol Burger, Carol BurgerBurger Rehabilitation
Burger is the founder of Burger Rehabilitation. She sits on the advisory board of the School of Physical Therapy at Cal State University Sacramento, the editorial board for Comstock’s Magazine. In 2013, she received the distinguished service award from the California Association of Health Facilities.

Lynn Berkley-Baskin, Sierra Health Foundation's Healthy Sacramento Coalition
Lynn is a community equity educator and community activist who works at the intersections of academia, racial justice and community health to drive systemic change. She serves as the education chair for the Greater Sacramento NAACP, the outreach chair for the Jewish Community Relations Council, and on equity tasks forces for three local school districts. Lynn piloted Folsom Lake College’s Student Equity Advocates and is the founder of Sacramento Faces Race.

Lott Hill, Lott HillDiscussion Facilitator
Hill is the director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at University of the Pacific. He has taught classes in creative writing, cultural studies, journalism, service-learning, and collaborative portfolio development. His work in faculty development and student learning is underpinned by the principles and practices of social and restorative justice, civic engagement, equity and inclusion, and community building as pedagogical practice. 

Health literacy reading list

Have Questions?
Do I have to take part in the discussion?

Only if you want to participate. You can join us as an observer or a thoughtful contributor and we promise to provide a respectful environment for you to learn about and/or discuss the issue.

Why don’t you talk about uplifting topics?

We do that too, but in a different way — at our storytimes and during our daily programs. Let’s Talk About is to provide our local community the opportunity to discuss the things that we don’t usually talk about, and with others who are interested in talking about it too.

How do you find people “on the front lines” for Let’s Talk About?

It’s a community effort. Some approach us and express interest in being part of the forum series, but most are found through our partnerships with organizations and individuals throughout the Sacramento community.

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