Month of Play

Play. Learn. Explore. Together.

We’re playing all month long with free play dates at our libraries for children ages 0-5 years. Play is the best way children experience early learning, and library play dates are filled with fun activities that support the growing brain.

  • Designed for children ages 0-5 years.
  • Activities start Sept. 6 and run through September.
  • Drop into any play date. This is a free program. Registration is not required.

Library Play Date Calendar
Play dates offer fun, early-learning focused activities that give families with young children a chance to play and explore in a safe and welcoming environment. Older siblings are welcome to play along. Designated baby play areas are offered at each play date. Add to your Facebook calendar.
Learn more about the importance of play and the Talk Sing Read Write Play Practice.
Have Questions?
How quiet does my child need to be to come to this library program?

Play dates are designed for young children and all the noises that come from having fun with their family.

What is the best way to share this with my parent group?

Tell them about your experience or that you are attending and tell them to visit for more information. 

Why is the library doing a play program?

Supporting early learning in the community is one of our priorities, and many of the skills a young child needs to get ready to learn how to read are learned through play. During play, children learn new vocabulary and practice using those words to express themselves. They learn about the physical world through tasks like building and stacking, make predictions about what happens next, and develop gross and fine motor skills. Dramatic play helps with social-emotional learning.

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