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What can one book do?

Book First changes the lives of first graders

Access to books at an early age helps children develop crucial reading skills. Having a book of their own to practice with motivates children to learn to read, so that they can later read to learn. Sacramento Public Library’s Book First program promotes first graders' reading skills by giving them what is often the very first book they will own.

By donating to Friends of the Sacramento Public Library, you connect children to books that inspire them to become strong, confident and enthusiastic readers.
Make a donation to support a growing reader.
With your support, Book First can continue to inspire young learners to pursue the wonders of reading.
What first grade teachers are saying about the Book First program:
The children had a blast with the stories and having new books in their hands. They were so excited looking at and reading through their new books that they forgot it was recess time. Pure joy!
- Mercy Chu, Cordova Villa Elementary

Thank you, thank you, thank you! My students are so excited about their new books! They just want to read, read, and read! You should see the smiles on their faces! They can’t wait to tell their family. I hope we can do this again next year.
-Trish Saito, White Rock Elementary

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