Digitized Local Historical Maps Now Available Online

Research local history with our collection of historical Sanborn maps of California towns and cities.
January 17, 2013
Digital Sanborn Maps of California towns and cities (1880s-1960s) are now available online with a Sacramento Public Library card. The detailed fire insurance maps show street and house numbers, property boundaries, and the outline of each building with symbols indicating use.  They are a great resource for researchers and scholars in such fields as geography, architecture, city planning, family history and urban archeology.  

Find Digital Sanborn Maps and other great online collections on our Sacramento Room page.

Sacramento-area maps include Courtland (1919-1929), Elk Grove (1884-1941), Folsom (1891-1942), Galt (1884-1940), Isleton (1919-1931), Locke (1927-1930), Sacramento (1895-1952), North Sacramento (1926-1949) and Walnut Grove (1921-1933).