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Borrow up to 60 titles from 1000s available.

Expand your reading options with our extensive selection of best-sellers, classics and indie titles.

  • Discover new authors and find your favorites in our robust collection
  • Easily manage your checkouts with automatic returns and no late fees
  • Read or listen on just about any mobile device, web browser or eReader
Find your next great read or listen in our largest ebook and audiobook collection. Browse by genre or search for an author or title. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can filter search results to show titles to recommend for addition to our collection.

OverDrive offers two options for the mobile app:
  • Libby - Libby provides an easy-to-use browsing, checkout and reading experience. In addition to ebooks and audiobooks, access over 3,500 magazine titles. Check out Libby Extras for access to Qello's streaming concerts, The Great Courses on-demand video trainings, and Craftsy's instructional videos for creative makers and ArtistWorks music lessons.
  • OverDrive - The classic app is best if you want access to more than the basic features, such as more accessibility settings, streaming video, and the ability to recommend titles for purchase in-app.
Choose from thousands of ebooks, audiobooks and comics. With no waiting, titles can be borrowed immediately and read in your web browser or downloaded to phones or tablets for offline enjoyment. Titles are automatically returned and removed from your device at the end of the lending period.

To download the mobile app, search for “Hoopla Digital” in your app store.

Hoopla Titles With No Wait

Enki California Digital Library
Access over 5,300 ebooks with no wait. Browse curated lists including the Indie Author Project collection, which features over 400 award-winning indie-published ebooks. This collection has been made available to Sacramento Public Library as a partnership with Biblioboard during the pandemic.
Have Questions?
How many items can I checkout?

OverDrive allows 30 checkouts at a time. You may also place up to 30 items on hold in OverDrive. Hoopla offers five checkouts per month. Digital checkouts do not count against your total print material checkouts.

How long can I borrow ebooks and audiobooks?

Hoopla ebooks, audiobooks and comics checkout for three weeks and Hoopla music checks out for seven days. OverDrive titles check out for three weeks. Everything returns automatically on the due date. OverDrive does allow renewals if no one else is waiting to borrow the title.

Why are there wait lists for digital content?

Some of our ebook and media collections, like OverDrive, are limited to one copy per user. To keep wait lists from getting too long, we try to buy multiple copies per person waiting. Everything on Hoopla is available for immediate checkout, with no waiting, so you may want to start your ebook search with Hoopla. However, not every title is available on Hoopla due to licensing restrictions.

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