Genealogy Collection

Historical records to help you find your family.

The Genealogy Collection is a select group of reference books, periodicals and other materials located at Central Library to help you or your genealogist trace your family history.

  • Find out who you are by discovering who your ancestors were
  • Map where your family began and other roads they discovered
  • Provided with more than 4,000 items donated by the Genealogical Association of Sacramento
Have Questions?
Can I check out books from the Genealogy Collection?

The collection is available for use at Central Library, but cannot be checked out; however, there are books and other materials on genealogy at each of our locations that can be. Browse our catalog to learn more.

Do you have any genealogists on staff?

Staff and volunteers are available to help you research your family’s history. Schedule an appointment.

Do you have any other genealogy services available?

With your Library card you can access multiple databases, including Most require that you be at a Library. Learn more.

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